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    The Life Coaching Spot Podcast

The Treasure Within

The treasure of the Sacred Feminine has been a well-kept secret. It's time we were all in on it!

Radiant Woman

Every woman has a Radiant Woman living inside. She might be hiding but I assure you she is there waiting for you.

It's time to come out of hiding

You hold a special kind of magic that is needed in the world and you are being called in every moment to share who you really are. You are a gift. Give us more!

What happens when you add a sprinkle of ...

How do you get the sparkles back in your life? Even in a pandemic... Well, there is one fabulous team member you cannot forget to invite! Can you guess who that is???

Want more intimacy?

Whether you are craving more intimate connection with your partner or you are desiring a relationship that is more fulfilling than you have experienced in the past, this episode is for you!

Hello Femininity

There is a powerful secret that has been hidden inside of women. We have kept it so safe inside of us we forgot it was there. The time has come to reclaim its goodness!

The Heroine's Journey

Every single day brings a new opportunity (or many) for your awakening, the trick is recognizing it for what it is and then claiming it!

I'm Coming Out

I have been holding back. Not anymore!

Let it go

It's so much easier to float downstream than it is to fight the current.

You have a piece of the answer

Pointing fingers won't get you there, but looking inside sure will.

The delicate dance

Life is only a struggle when you fight it. So stop it already.

The Direct Route

There is a direct route to thriving in your life and it's easy to get detoured by presumed "short cuts". But don't be fooled.

Making Room to Thrive

If you want to thrive, you have got to let it go. Here is how.


The whole system is being rebooted. Who are you going to choose to be on the other side of this?

It keeps getting better

Back from Peru with some gifts for you! Hello 2020!

It's all right here

Everything you need is inside you already. When you give it all permission to be here, you end the internal struggle. And from a place of peace, you will come to learn who you truly are.

Answering the call

If your heart is calling you to do something, it has reasons that your ego could not have considered because it has an entirely different motive.

Your heart will only lead you on a path of expansion. Listen.

Comfortably uncomfortable

When you can learn how to get comfortable in the unknown, that's exactly when you can really take that uncomfortable step into who you are becoming. Here's how to do it!

The Real Secret

There is a key ingredient to loving your life and it's so simple that most people miss it.

Adding the Spark

Life can get dull and sometimes all it takes is a little spark to make the whole thing sparkle!

Yessing it!

The counterintuitive tool that will change your life!

Mining for Gold

Sometimes if you dig just a wee bit deeper, you open up to the place where you can see this IS actually all happening FOR you!

Move it on through!

The direct path to finding your way into living the empowered life you were meant to live.

The Top of the List

If you don't put yourself at the top of the list, no one else will either...

Celebrate it!

Women have been hiding in the shadows for far too long. It's time to own our power!

Taking the Leap

You are offered a choice in every moment to let fear lead or to let your heart lead. Guess which choice will deliver you into your best life?

Drop Your Agenda

If you had the whole pie, then there wouldn't be anyone else in the room.

Taking Aim

There is a direct path to manifesting your best life and there is also key ingredient in the recipe that you do not want to skip!

The High road

The low road is always going to be the biggest temptation in the moment, but you know the high road is going to have the better outcome. Here's some tips on how to choose it even when ya don't wanna.

The Answer

The answer came to me as I was sitting on the top of the highest temple in the Yucatán and it involves YOU!

Wait for it

Often we get so caught up in doing, we miss the very best things that can only be found in being.

Getting to know you

Men and women are different....and that's okay!

How to Be Here

Life can take you so far away from center it can be a challenge to navigate your way back. This episode is calling you home to yourself.

Stop Kicking the Wheel

Does it feel like your relationship is stuck on a spin cycle? Wondering how to break it? It's easier than you might think.

One door closes another one opens

Don't spend your life looking behind you or you will miss what is coming!

How did I get here...again?

How to recognize your unfavorable habits and cut them off at the source.

Which do you choose?

Would you rather be right or would you rather be free? Are you going to choose fear or love? Are you going to build a bridge or are you going to build a wall?

Keep on Going

"If you find yourself in hell, keep on going". And don't avoid it either! The goods are on the other side!


How do you know when to listen to what your mind is telling you and when to ignore it?

Show me the Money

If you want more money, you gotta get over your hang-ups about it. Stop pushing it away with your desperation and move on in and give it some good lovin'! Change your relationship with it and it might just come around more often ;)

Money Seeds

Many believe that if only they had more money, then they could live the life they want. What if it's the other way around?

Whose job is it?

If you are looking for someone else to make you happy, you will be looking for a long time. You hold the key to your own well-being. It has been inside of you all along!

Keep it to yourself

When you have an idea being born it needs to be nurtured. It may serve you well to keep it to yourself while it's still a seedling so it doesn't get trampled.

Be The Goo

Change isn't easy or everyone would be transforming on purpose all the time. In this episode we take a look at how to transcend the uncomfortable phase of transformation; falling apart.

It's Your Story

Consider the possibility that your life is your own curriculum and it is all perfectly aligned for your expansion. Everyone you know is a part of your story; the people you like and the people that drive you crazy.

Cleaning It Up

If you want to live the life you want, you need to get everything to line up toward that best life. In this episode we will take a deeper look at how to step into it. Not time like the present to get it going.

The big No

You gotta say No to what you don't want so you can say YES to what you do! Take care of YOU first! We can wait!

Hitting the Ceiling

You might be sabotaging your own growth without even realizing it. If you are like most of us, you probably are! Find out how and what you can do about it in this episode, "Hitting the Ceiling".

Turn it around

When the day is not going your way, you have the power to turn it around. How you experience your life has everything to do with what you are believing about it. Here is a simple tip on how to turn your day around which can actually change the course of your whole life.

That Voice In Your Head

You know that voice I am talking about. The one that never shuts up and never has anything nice to say about you or about anyone else for that matter. We all have that voice and it is a real show stopper. In this episode we are going to call it out for what it really is so you can get on with your life already!

Wanting What You Have

Want to know the secret to happiness? Want to know more about how to manifest your dreams? Want to know what your ego is hiding from you? Here you go!

Let them off the hook

is there someone you need to let off the hook for your own sake? Is there some circumstance that still gets you when you think about it? You may not be aware that it's weighing you down or holding you back, but it is. Want to get free? Come with me!

Who wants attention?

John Tarrant Roshi says, “Attention is the most basic form of love”. We all need it, and we are not getting it. In fact, I would say that as a society, we are starved for attention. Everyone is talking no one is listening. It has become a vicious cycle. Because we are all needing to be heard, which could be translated as, we are all needing to be loved. So the question becomes, are you willing to be the one to break the cycle? By being the one who is actually listening.

Getting out of the Driver's Seat

When you are in the driver’s seat, it means that you need to KNOW where this vehicle is going and HOW it’s going to get there. Which means you will need to sort through all the possibilities you can think of and narrow them down to ONE path, shutting you off from all the other paths. That is nerve racking! Are you with me? What if you make the wrong choice? You can see why some people choose to settle for a job that just pays the bills…. To avoid this kind of pressure! And then there are some of us that move forward, powering through, micromanaging every single step… Maybe this is more like you? Working hard to get it done! If you don’t do it, no one else is going to do it. Doing it all yourself, because no one else seems to maintain the high standard for perfection that you have? Yes? Sounds exhausting just talking about it. I know this path, because that has been me.

Being On Your Own Team

It takes commitment to be on your own team especially when you are having a bad day. But that is precisely when it is most important. In this podcast you will discover 3 simple steps to turn your day around when it feels like everything is against you.