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Cathy is an empowerment coach for women and certified hypnotherapist with a background in Chinese medicine, massage therapy and shamanic healing. She has spent well over two decades devoted to self-transformation with the aim of helping women to embrace their true desires. Cathy received her life coach certification through the Martha Beck Institute and her current studies are focused in the area of sex, love and relationship through the Layla Martin VITA method, as she continues on her ultimate quest for humanity's return to love.


Cathy delights in helping her clients experience the breakthroughs necessary for true transformation to be possible.

Hi Beautiful!  I'm Cathy

I’ve been aware of my own journey of awakening for 25+ years. I grew up in a family with alcoholism, which gave me superpowers that come with having lived through tough stuff. I have pursued a great deal of self-transformational work to arrive at a point where I can honestly look back on my life with deep gratitude for ALL of it. Perhaps you are on a similar journey?

Let me tell you, I used to be quite a perfectionist! That old saying, “If you are going to get it right, you have to do it yourself.” That was me. I felt guilty relaxing, like I wasn’t allowed. No one was actively telling me it wasn’t okay, it was just a voice in my head that wouldn’t let me relax. I didn’t want to be perceived as lazy. I was hard on myself and I felt resentful a lot. I never felt like anything was good enough. Always looking for what is not right so I could fix it. I was a single mom putting myself through undergraduate and then graduate school and then onto building a successful business. I never stopped. Stressed? You bet! I was constantly over-extending myself and rushing around. Busy, busy, busy! I cycled through emotions like worry, fear, guilt, and irritation daily. And underneath all of that, I felt unsupported and alone.

After two failed marriages and a daughter struggling with addiction I realized if I wanted my life to change, something in me needed to change. That was when my life transformed.

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I stopped struggling to survive and instead I learned how to live to thrive!

Today, my life has been truly transformed and yours can too. Now when I look around, I feel gratitude for all that I have and step I have taken to get me here. I have a loving marriage, a thriving business with a supportive staff that truly cares and clients that I adore. I enjoy my life and I practice healthy boundaries. I take care of myself without feeling one bit guilty. I have healed relationships with my family members that I never thought possible!

Am I still working on myself? Absolutely. “To stop growing is to stop living”. The difference is I now support and love myself, and I feel supported and loved by those around me, as I continue to expand my capacity for an abundant life.

Well, enough about me. I want to hear about you? I am thrilled you are here. Now, tell me everything!! I would love to hear from you. Tell me what brings you here. You can email me here: cathy@thelifecoachingspot.com.

“Troubled? Then stay with me for I am not”