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Cathy is an empowerment coach for women and certified hypnotherapist with a background in Chinese medicine, massage therapy and shamanic healing. She has spent well over two decades devoted to self-transformation with the aim of helping women to embrace their true desires. Cathy received her life coach certification through the Martha Beck Institute and her current studies are focused in the area of sex, love and relationship through the Layla Martin VITA method, as she continues on her ultimate quest for the awakening of the Divine Feminine.


How are you nurturing your Feminine?

Hi Beautiful!  I'm Cathy

I’ve been aware of my own journey of transformation for close to three decades and I have explored almost every avenue of self-advancement and healing technique I could get my hands on. Why? Well, I grew up with my own share of hard knocks, to put it mildly. But as it turns out those challenges have been a catalyst for my hero's journey that has led me to the amazing life I get to live today and the background and tools I need to help others to have the same.

The woman I was only 10 years ago was still running myself into the ground trying to prove my worth. Perfectionism is a hard habit to kick. I felt guilty relaxing because I somehow didn't feel like I deserved it and I nothing I ever accomplished could measure up. I was constantly over-extending myself and rushing around. Busy, busy, busy! And underneath all of that, I felt unsupported and alone.

By the time I was 40, I was twice divorced and felt like I was starting all over again! At that time, I had resigned to being alone. I figured there was no man strong enough to handle me. Long story short, I was wrong about that. I was wrong about a lot of things. And for me, starting over was exactly what I needed to do to turn everything around.

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I stopped struggling to survive and instead I learned how to live to thrive!

Now when I look around, I feel gratitude for all that I have and all the steps I have taken to get me here. I have a loving marriage, a thriving business and a life that is overflowing with goodness. I could not have even fathomed how good it could get.

Am I still working on myself? Absolutely. “To stop growing is to stop living”. The difference is I now support and love myself, and I feel supported and loved by those around me, as I continue to expand my capacity for more.

Enough about me. I want to hear about you? What brought you here? I would love to hear from you. If anything I have shared has peaked your interest, you can email me here: cathy@thelifecoachingspot.com.