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I just returned from Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery Course in New York with nine hundred other women all ages, all races, all sizes, all professions. Talk about powerful! Wow. And today I want to share one of the most powerful takeaways – the importance, as women, to celebrate ourselves and each other. We do not do enough of this! In fact, most of us were trained early on NOT to brag about ourselves. We were trained to keep it dialed down. Wouldn’t want to shine too brightly; wouldn’t want anyone to think we are full of ourselves. So we downplay our wins or we don’t share them at all. Instead, we ended up complaining about our lives, our partners, money problems, the struggles of life. This became how we connect with the women we are closest to. Or maybe we put on a pretty face and share how well things are going well when we don’t really feel that way. We pretend it’s all good, when it isn’t!

But when you celebrate yourself, you are owning your life and claiming your power. And when you do that for yourself, you become a beacon of light that ignites...


So I was sitting with my eyes closed waiting to hear what this podcast was going to be about. I listen for higher guidance and I write what I hear. As something started to come through it sounded really familiar. I even thought, didn’t I just write about this and listened back a few episodes and discovered it. “Taking Aim” had a similar theme, so I listened to it. I now realize “Take Aim” came to me exactly when it did because it was preparing me for what I was about to do!

Every day I realize more about the synchronistic way all of life is constantly flowing around us, through us and for us. The more you pay attention to the synchronicities, the more they just keep happening. Pay close attention to anything that feels like a coincidence. It most definitely has a message you need to hear. This is happening for all of us all of the time, we just don’t always see it. In fact, you may not even know what this particular episode has for you, but I have a whole-hearted trust that you need to hear this story.

One month ago I took the leap and jumped off a...


Drop the agenda

In any interaction, whether business or personal, most of us tend to have an agenda. Maybe it’s obvious, maybe it’s hidden. Unless you are enlightened, you’ll likely have a position and if you are anything like me, you might even believe that your perspective is the right one. Most of us show up to the table with our own opinions or beliefs, our own needs or desires that we want to get met. We show up with a full cup. It’s a rare individual who is able to consistently arrive in any given situation with a genuine curiosity to find out what is there that they don’t know yet. And the truth is, when you’re showing up with your cup already full, there is no room to add anything, right? No room for the cream. There is no room for growth, no room for movement. And when everyone shows up like this, it just leads to build up and stagnation because everyone is talking and no one is being heard. When you show up already full you are leaving no room for anything interesting to happen. No room for the miracle shift in perspective that opens everything up to a...


I have spent a lot of years studying and experimenting with manifesting my best life. I have found our limited minds cannot land us into the ultimate expression of what is possible. The mind is filled with limitations, blocks, stories of not being good enough etc. etc. etc. One of the benefits of age is that you start to get bored by those stories. You can choose to be limited by the rules your mind makes up… or you can decide otherwise. To hell with all the stories about how something can’t happen. I am way more interested in what’s possible when we get out of our own way.

So let’s just bypass the stories about not being smart enough, good enough, or about not knowing what you want, because that too is just a story that blocks the door to knowing. If you don’t yet know what you want, don’t let that be a show stopper. Instead, look at it as a window into possibility and ask to be guided. Perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t want to decide because you don’t want to narrow your options; isn’t not deciding also narrowing your options? Not committing to a direction...


Let’s talk about a tendency many of us have to give most of our attention to the things that aren’t going our way and not enough attention to the things that are. A whole lot has to be going well for us to even be here in our lives … there is so much we take for granted. I know I have to catch myself when something stops going my way, something happens outside of my expectation, and it completely throws me off. Do you know what I mean?

The ancestral part of our brain is wired to protect us from danger. We have an innate programmed response to perceive danger and react to it. Fight or flight, locate the enemy and attack. But for many of us, the day to day dangers are rarely issues of survival, they are issues of perspective and how we respond is all important.

Taking personal responsibility is not an automatic response when something goes wrong in our lives. Rather, it’s a conscious response that involves a completely different part of the brain. Looking at negative situations in life objectively takes a tremendous amount of...


My family spent the holidays in Mexico and the morning before we left, if I woke up really early I would have just enough time to record and upload a winter solstice episode. I was just so delighted with myself! For once, I recorded the whole thing without a glitch. Then I realized that for some reason, it didn’t record! And that initial moment was rough, I’m not gonna lie. But there was absolutely nothing I could do. I had to surrender and accept. So I did and so that, my friend, is exactly why you have not heard from me in a few weeks. I went on holiday.

And now I am back to talk about something really important that gets overlooked a lot - the importance of waiting.

On our return flight home from Mexico I was looking for something really light and fun to watch on the plane and chose the film “Christopher Robin.” Absolutely delightful. (Spoiler Alert) So there is this moment where Christopher Robin is delivering Pooh back to the Hundred Acre Wood. And they are at the opening in the tree and Pooh turns and says, “Aren’t you coming to help me find my...


I have been looking deeper at my marriage lately and wondering… what can I do to make my marriage even better? How can I show up in such a way that allows the relationship to blossom in ways that I never could have imagined? I am aware enough at this point in the game to know that improving any situation in my life is up to me and me alone. I am the one who decides how deep my relationships, especially my marriage, can get. I can only control my own behavior and I am always holding the key in my pocket… whether or not I decide to use it. And I get really excited when I discover more ways to grow the relationship.

Now I am not saying my husband doesn’t have equal power….he does. But I don’t have control over his choices. Only mine. So here’s one of the things I find fascinating in the male/female relationship: even though I have known for a long time there is a drastic difference in how men and women think, my first inclination seems always to expect my husband to think like me. This is not fair at all. For one thing, the hormones that dominate how men and women...


I recently had the opportunity to attend an Eckhart Tolle event in California with a good friend of mine. If you haven’t heard of him, he is a spiritual teacher born in Germany who experienced a spontaneous spiritual awakening that brought him out of a deep depression. He got to such a dark place in his mind that something snapped in his brain and he separated from his ego (the voice in the head). In an instant he went from being cornered by the voice in his head that was miserable and did not want to go on to being the observer of that voice. A much more peaceful place to be.

Since then he has written a number of books including two New York Times bestsellers “The Power of now” and “A New Earth”. The conference I attended included several amazing speakers from different professional backgrounds all speaking on “Presence”. Which is the exact topic of conversation for today’s episode!

I want to begin by giving you a taste of how sitting in the auditorium with Tolle felt. Because it was profound. I don’t know if you have ever been in the presence of an awakened...

kicking the wheel.jpg

Many of the clients I work with come into coaching because they are struggling in their relationship or their marriage. And let’s face it, choosing to be in an intimate relationship with someone is signing up to be in the hot seat. You are choosing to live with a mirror that reflects where you still have to grow in your life. This can be intense.

Luckily it doesn’t start out that way or probably no one would ever sign up. Instead relationships begin with “the honeymoon phase” where your heart opens wide and all the good-feeling hormones are released. You are experiencing what love is. What expansion feels like. You open so much, you feel like anything is possible. Your new mate can do no wrong. You see them with love’s eyes. And love’s eyes don’t judge. Love’s eyes don’t see fault. What is happening here is that the other person is reflecting all the love inside of you and you are being filled up by it. Everything tastes good, smells good. You are more present and available. You actually hear the birds chirping and feel the breeze on your face. You have...


One door closes another one opens

You may have noticed, if you have been listening to this podcast for awhile, that I tend to view life as a journey. I see everyone I meet and all my experiences as a part of my own unique curriculum. Looking at everything through the “Life is a Journey” lens gives me a sense of purpose, even if I don’t know where I am headed at that moment. And the truth is, none of us knows all the time where we are headed. But seeing life in this way I find it so much easier to keep moving forward, even when life gets tough. I like to think of it like I am the captain of my ship and it’s my job to show up and steer the ship no matter what. And the ocean is unpredictable, so you gotta take it as it comes. When a big storm comes along, you gotta roll with it. Resisting is futile. Cursing it only makes the whole experience harder for you. Same with life.

When life throws you an unexpected, unwanted, negative experience, it doesn’t help the situation to shake your fist in the air about it. Sure you can shake your fist. You can do whatever you want....