Answering the call

I shared with you in my last post how I have been in a constant growth phase since October of last year, when I went on a vision quest in Sayulita, Mexico. I realized that I can’t wait until I am completely on the other side of this expansion, because there is no end point. As it should be, right? So here we are in real time. I want to share with you something that I did something that my heart was moved to do. Trust me, my ego was doing everything it could to convince me to stop, but I chose to follow my heart and post a facebook live confessing my unconditional love to you. If you missed it, I am telling you about it right now.

Now, I have not been someone to just put myself out there like that unedited. On video? Live? No way! I remember my friend Katrina suggesting I record these podcasts on YouTube. My natural response was NO WAY! It was scary enough to have my voice out there, but video? There is no way to hide!

And this thing last week was LIVE video, raw, unfiltered, authentic, pure.

With the knowingness that whomever needs to hear it, will hear it. So I did it. I pressed start. It was like jumping off a cliff. There was no looking back. It was happening and my heart felt liberated to express what it wanted to express.

Afterwards, certainly, came the vulnerability hangover. That voice in my head telling me I needed to delete it right now before anyone has had the chance to view it, but I didn’t delete it.

In The Course In Miracles, it says, “in my defenselessness, my safety lies.” Another way of saying that is, my true freedom lies in my willingness to be authentic and vulnerable.

I started to receive some deeply meaningful personal messages from some people who expressed how they really needed to hear my words at that very time. I thought to myself, if one person is touched by me opening my heart and expressing love, boom! For me, that is success.

And you know what, an old friend who I had a falling out with some time ago contacted me letting me know she had watched it and felt the gift of it. It was at that point that I understood why my heart needed to make that bold move of vulnerability.

Now I had done my own work on my own around forgiving and letting go, but there was evidently still more there to heal. My heart knew what it was doing. When that old friend contacted me to thank me for the message, I could feel something free up in my body.

It’s just amazing how we can hold onto things in the body without realizing we are even doing it. I think this is a message about the importance of cleaning up unresolved issues. At the very least, to resolve it within yourself. Just because you leave a circumstance and try to forget about it, it doesn’t go away. It actually sticks around as an energy knot that ends up affecting you in one way or another. Now for an invitation, if you need to forgive someone, figure out how to do it for your own sake. If you want some extra help with the forgiveness part you can go back to my podcast, “Let them off the hook”, but trust me on this one, you need your path clear. It’s just no good for you or for anyone to leave unresolved business.

Sometimes it’s just not available to resolve it with the person, but you can still resolve it within your own heart and that is the most important thing! In truth, I had already forgiven and resolved the business with the friend I was telling you about, long before. Sending out that open-hearted expression of love did the rest. Had I not done the intentional work on myself first, I would not have been available for the healing.

That old saying that time heals all wounds, I don’t believe it. You can keep the circumstance alive in your mind and body for a lifetime and even inadvertently hand it down to your descendants.

I do believe that Love is the answer, as the Beatles preached through their music. It’s true.

There were people from my childhood that came out of the woodwork to scrub the slate clean. It was pretty miraculous. So as much as my ego wanted to delete it, something in me knew I needed to leave it there. Vulnerability is scary, mostly because the ego is fragile, but we have something so much stronger inside that cannot be destroyed. It’s pure love. That place can only be accessed through our willingness to be vulnerable.

I want to be a part of the shift in consciousness on the planet from fear to love and that requires that I allow myself to be seen. Really seen. This is actually the bold courageous step we all need to take together if we are going to make real change happen.

When you make these small gestures and shifts in your own life, and your own family, you are making a ripple that changes the whole game. So follow your heart. Listen to where love is calling you and take that next brave step toward living an authentic life. I love you, my friend.

Blessed Be.