Let it Go

These are confusing times we are living in right now. But I just want to name what it going on in the world right now in a way that may set you at ease. There is always a perspective you can choose that makes everything easier to be with and then there are always multiple ways of looking at things that add suffering to an already challenging situation. Too often, when the ego mind begins to analyze circumstances, it’s typically not going to look for the perspective that will bring you the most peace, no, because the nature of the ego is fear-based so it will find a perspective based in fear that will lead to more suffering.

The way I see it, is that the world is undergoing a long-overdue transformation and we are right in the messiest part of the process. It’s the part when everything gets shaken up and cracked open and broken down. It’s the part of change that is the most uncomfortable but absolutely necessary. Do you happen to remember the episode I did way back called “Be the Goo”? We are currently in the Goo. We are in square one of the change cycle which is the stage when things fall apart.

What is happening, at least in the U.S right now, is the breaking down of the old infrastructure that hasn’t been working... And it hasn’t been working because it’s out of alignment with who we say we are as a country. Our constitution states that all men are created equal and should be treated as such. And that is not what has been happening here. We have been out of integrity. And when you live out of integrity, there will eventually be a reckoning.... which is a good thing.... the reckoning is serving to get you back in alignment with your values. And this is true in your personal life as well as the collective.

But for this first stage to go smoothly, it requires letting go and allowing whatever needs to fall apart, to fall apart. And most people are not evolved enough to surrender to this natural part of the process. Most people will fight it...kicking and screaming trying to hold on, pointing fingers, blaming, shaming, making up theories...anything and everything but letting go and surrendering to what has to happen in order for change to be possible.

Don’t you see, this virus has been a gift to us all. An opportunity to take a deeper look at what we have been avoiding while we have been busy. It has shut us down. And in the process, all kinds of things that we haven’t been looking at both on a personal level and on the collective level, have had the opportunity to rise to the surface to be addressed.

And I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but here in the U.S., we have some old structures and patterns that need to get taken down. And it is going to feel chaotic as it’s happening. Because breaking something down that’s been upheld for some time is messy. Have you ever seen a building being torn down? Can you imagine trying to make sense of it during the demolition. It’s futile and disruptive and even dangerous. So much safer to stand at a safe distance, know it’s all going to be okay, and just allow it to happen.

In “Be the Goo”, I talk about the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. In order for that change to happen, the caterpillar has to crawl up in the cocoon and allow itself to come undone....It basically dissolves into goo. And it’s only after this process is complete that it is able to reconfigure into a butterfly. It doesn’t become a butterfly by sprouting wings on its caterpillar body, nope, it has to completely dissolve into goo so that it can reconfigure into a butterfly.

Square one of the cycle of change is the part where you have to let go of control and allow whatever needs to die, to die. If you try to hold on, micromanage or control this part, you are interfering with the change that’s wanting to happen. You can’t hold it together and also allow it to change. And if you look around, you can see all the ways we try to hold on. Whether it is literally trying to keep structures in place or it’s coming up with a conspiracy theory to believe in. All the different ways we try to control and make sense of chaos. The virus has single handedly shoved us into a transformation that we have been putting off for far too long. And why have we been putting it off? Because we like to be comfortable and play it safe. We are terrified to rock the boat...because we are afraid losing what we have. Even if what we have isn’t nearly as wonderful as what it could be.

We are so terrified of letting go, that most people settle for a life that’s just okay, instead of a life of thriving. It’s the fear of the uncertainty when you have to let go of what you know, in order to make room for something new. It’s the part where you have to surrender and have faith that everything is going to be okay. And that is a big ask. Because letting go feels like a death. But change is a part of life and is therefore inevitable. So you can move into it willingly or kicking and screaming, but either’s happening.

You can see this in your life too. Have you ever held onto something longer than was healthy? Whether it’s a career that you don’t love or a relationship that isn’t serving you? Most people tend to play it safe. We are terrified to rock the boat...because we are afraid losing what we have. Even if what we have isn’t nearly as wonderful as what it could be. But you just can’t ignore problems forever...If you avoid it, sooner or later you will be forced to face it. And that is exactly what is happening in the world right now.

So here we are in this Covid-19 pressure cooker being forced to look at everything that is not working. It’s all coming to the surface and cannot be ignored. Because all the ways we hide from the truth, are not available. Can’t go out and socialize with friends, can’t go on vacation, can’t hide. So we are being forced to look at it and make real decisions about our lives....about our country....about the world.

What keeps most people from committing to making a change of any kind is fear of the unknown. And as the world is changing, we are seeing that fear and that grasping for control...or someone to blame... when the graceful move, is to allow for the undoing...the disassembling...the destruction of the old...It’s necessary in order for transformation to be possible. We can’t write equality into a system that was built on inequality. The old system must be disassembled in order for something entirely new to emerge.

And allowing doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. There are plenty of opportunities right now to contribute financially and to show up for causes you believe in.

So try not to get distracted in the sounds that fear is making right now. The chaotic noise all around you, is just the sounds of everyone resisting change. Get quiet. Listen within. Meditate. Take walks in nature if you can. Put your bare feet on the ground and let mother earth calm you down. She knows what she is doing.

Blessed Be