Show Me The Money

Last time, in the episode “money seeds” we talked about abundance and how your thoughts are one of the essential keys in creating the abundant life you want.

As I mentioned, the inspiration for this topic came directly from a survey I did recently to find out more about you and what gets in your way of living the life you want. One of the big answers was MONEY. By the way, if you had no idea this survey was happening, then you are probably not on my mailing list. So be sure to get yourself on that list by going to the contact page on my website

There are many directions we could take this topic that would help you get on the road to abundance and prosperity. I am actually in the process of creating a program that will include all the practices and mindset tools that I have accumulated over the years… but in the meantime, let’s get into it. Because I believe the more good people who have money in our culture, the better! Don’t you? And I think money has a bad rap.

If you are someone who judges people who have money, will you just knock it off already?. It’s a waste of your beautiful energy. Wouldn’t you rather have enough money to be able to substantially contribute to a better world and healthy planet? Because the truth is, we live in a capitalistic society. And I don’t see that changing, do you? In our culture, we handle use money every day. And let’s face it money gets stuff done! Believe me, I have tried other ways. Money gets people motivated.

So stop fighting it already and hop on board this train that is going with or without you. And I want you on board. Let’s go.

I remember when my daughter was young, probably 4 or 5. I was a single mom putting myself through college and I was struggling! There was this one day driving around in the car and she was wanting something and I didn’t have the money for it. I remember she said to me in her sweet innocent voice…”mommy, we can just go to one of those machines where all the money comes out”. Oh my word I cracked up. And it really shifted my perspective in that moment. What a wonderful thought that you could just go to a machine and push a button and all the money you needed would come out. I didn’t realize it then, but what she was saying was not far from a reality that I could have been living had my relationship with money been different. Let me show you what I mean.

But first, what comes up for you when you hear the word “money”? Just check in with your body what does it do when you think about money? What does your mind do? What do your emotions do? What is your response? Is it subtle? Is it not so subtle? Does fear come up? Do you start thinking about your debt? Do you feel ashamed to even desire it? DO you tense up? Or is the opposite true? DO you feel excited, delighted, joyful, expanded?

How do you find yourself talking about money? Do you say loving things about it or do you passive aggressively bash it?

How do you treat it? Do you hide it away, stock piling it for fear that you might run out? Or do you throw it away, spending lavishly until it is gone? Do you lose it? Do you find it?

What about when you think about wealth or riches? Do these topics delight you or make you coil?

If you are like most, your relationship with money, whether you have a lot of it or only a little, falls somewhere in the rhelm of fear and anxiety.

When I began my journey to living an abundant life, I had a lot of complicated feelings about money. I was constantly in fear about how much I needed it and worried about how I was gonna get it. And even though I desperately wanted more of it, I was embarrassed to admit it. The vibe I got from people was that it was not okay to talk about it in a positive way. The sense I got was that it was only okay to talk about it in terms of lack. In other words, how there was never enough of it. So I felt a sense of shame to want more of it. Like if I had more, I would somehow be a traitor.

I realized pretty quickly that I was going to have to make this journey on my own. SO I began looking into changing my relationship with money. I read all the books: from Wallis Waddles and Napoleon Hill to spiritual abundance authors like Marrianne Williamson and Rev. Michael Beckwith, etc. Then I read all of the books on law of attraction. I immersed myself in it! And I did everything the books said to do…religiously…from changing my thinking to jumping up and down with excitement about about it.

And though things were improving incrementally, it was so slow it was hard for me to notice.

One day I had a huge breakthrough moment. I realized that I needed to change my relationship with money. From how I felt about it to how I treated it. Because I realized that even though I was reading all the right things and doing all the right practices, I still had a lot of fear when I thought about money. And it wasn’t just fear; I had doubts and judgements too! If money was going to be my partner moving forward, we needed some serious work on our relationship!

What is your relationship with money? Can you say, “I love you” to money and mean it? Or does that sound ridiculous to you. I picked up the practice of saying “I love money and money loves me” from Jen Sincero author of "You are a Badass". Great book! And when I first started saying this, I felt totally ridiculous. It’s just like how I felt when I did the practice of looking at myself in the mirror and saying “I love you, Cath”. Awkward. Well, Not anymore! Now, when I say it, I mean it with my whole heart. Changing your feeling about money is key if you want to change your relationship with it. And there is no higher emotion than love.

I took this practice very seriously. I started listing all of the reasons why I loved money and how grateful I was for how it had always been there for me.

Nowadays, instead of being fearful about spending it, I choose to see everything as an investment, whether I am taking myself out to dinner or donating to a cause I believe in. It’s all an investment in my life.

Here is my challenge for you: Start a new relationship with money. Make it your bestie. And be as creative as possible with your relationship. Have fun with it. Instead of holding it tightly, hold it loosely. Instead of having fear, try being joyful. Instead of saying “I can’t afford it”, say “I can afford” it if it is something that brings you joy; and then expect it to show up to support your life…as it always has…when you really think about it. Instead of being resentful about not having enough, be grateful for what you have! It’s all just energy and you direct the energy with your thoughts about it. If you hold it tightly, you will strangle it. Think about it, Is there anything that grows when it is being strangled? No way. Money flows. When you hold it too tightly, you loose it. One way or another.

Yes, make money your bestie. Change how you think about it, change how you talk about it.

How easily you accumulate money, has everything to do with what kind of relationship you choose to have with it. From this day forward, I invite you to enter into a loving relationship with money. And just be your beautiful self.

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