The Radiant Woman

In the coming weeks, I will begin a transition to a new website and podcast called Radiant Woman. This is based on my latest work as a guide for women to awaken their magnetic radiance within, which is the gift of the feminine. This work is really exciting for me and as I awaken this radiance in myself and see the bounty of gifts it brings into my life, I want every woman to know it.

I want to share a story with you that is very dear to me. In my early 20’s, there was this place called the Sunken Gardens here in Austin. It reminded me of something you might find in ancient Rome. There was a stone wall enclosing the gardens and in the center there was a circular stone wall that contained a natural spring. It was pretty well hidden, so most people didn’t know about it. It felt like my own private paradise. I rarely saw a soul, but there is one day I will never forget. The sun was setting, and I looked up in time to see a limousine pull into the nearby parking lot. Out of the car emerged a beautiful woman with long brown hair, in a long white flowing dress, wrapped in a velvet shawl, walking straight for the gardens. She then stepped up on the ledge of the pool, dropped her shawl and dove into the water in her dress. The image of this woman swimming with her dress, flowing through the water, was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I was the only one who got to witness it. It was pure magic. Then she got out of the water, wrapped her shawl around herself, smiled at me and was gone. I just remember sitting there for a very long time, mesmerized by what I had just witnessed. This was a Radiant Woman. She didn’t need anyone’s permission. She didn’t even need an audience. She didn’t care what I thought.

This was my introduction to what it means to be a Radiant Woman. Yes, this was a dramatic demonstration for sure, but it was just the demonstration I needed to make a lasting impression.

Now, there are plenty of good reasons why the majority of women have not yet fully leaned into owning their own inner Radiant Woman. Instead of dwelling in the pain of a long history of repression, I’m going to set that aside and focus on what is actually possible here. Not just possible, but available; because the truth of who we really are lies just underneath the barriers we have used to survive.

What defines a Radiant Woman?

It’s a woman who sits confidently on the throne of her own sovereignty. She is unapologetically herself and master of her own domain. Her peace comes from within. She embraces both feminine and masculine energies so she can effectively hold herself through her creations and her disasters. In a big way, the Radiant Woman doesn’t actually need anything outside of herself to be fulfilled. She’s whole. It’s from that place of wholeness that she gets to dance with life. It’s from that sense of wholeness where she can create her life from a place of love, instead of fear.

As women, we have been conditioned to believe that we need a man or a partner to be happy and whole, but in fact the opposite is true. In order to have a fulfilling and sacred relationship with someone else, you must have a sacred and fulfilling relationship with yourself first.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I still had a lot of work to do when I met my husband to get where I am today, but I did enough work to know that I knew that I am the true love of my life. No matter what happens in my relationship, I’ve got me, and I am enough! I am confident that it was this level of self-love that allowed me to attract the man who can truly meet me in the level of love and reverence that I hold for myself.

How do you awaken this Radiant Woman?

Well, this is where words fall short, only because it’s not a path you can take through your analytical mind. You can’t read a book or listen to a lecture and know it. You find it through expression. You actually have to allow yourself to become it to know it. When you can allow your mind to get out of the way, you make room for something else to come alive inside of yourself. What you will find is the best teacher you will ever know, because only your deepest wisdom can be truly known by you.

It’s through embodiment that you come to know your own Radiant Woman. Many of the women I have worked with start out disconnected from the body, which is pretty common because the body has not been a safe place for women to inhabit. We’ve learned to live in our heads instead, but living in your head cuts you off from the deepest expression of who you are!

There are still not a lot of examples of Radiant Women walking around out in the world. I think it’s because there hasn’t been space in our busy world to even consider slowing down enough to take a deeper look, but this pandemic has created an opening.

Finding your own Radiant Woman requires a willingness to slow down and listen more deeply.

I am currently guiding women through powerful embodiment practices to awaken the vibrant woman who has been waiting for the right time to come out. The gifts that we each hold within are unique to every woman, so you can’t learn this wisdom from anyone outside of yourself, but I can help you find it. One of the powerful practices I walk women through is working with the jade egg. The jade egg is known to be one of the greatest tools for enhancing a woman’s sensual life. The jade egg connects a woman up to her sexuality and feminine wisdom. I will share some about my own experience with the jade egg in the coming weeks, but if you are interested in embodiment coaching and working with the jade egg, please email me at and we can chat.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.