The Treasure Within

I am thrilled to announce my next podcast venture called Radiant Woman, that launches on May 12th. I am excited because I can feel the potential for transformation and the beauty of the creative spirit, which is the expression of the Sacred Feminine.

I want to share a little bit about my journey and how I arrived at “Radiant Woman”. First, I would just like to say that I am officially reinventing myself at 51, and it feels amazing. In many ways, I feel like I have discovered the secret Garden of Eden, and it's a well-spring of abundant vibrancy!

The treasure of the Sacred Feminine has been a well-kept secret. For literally thousands of years, women have played small, in response to a deep-seated fear that we are not worthy and not good enough. I’ve played into this fear too, but now there is an awakening happening for women all over the world. In recent years, this has been happening for me too, and I am now dedicating my life to this work.

A couple of months before my 48th birthday, I was invited to participate in a plant medicine ceremony in Mexico. A spot opened up literally last minute for this 6-day retreat. I had heard stories of working with this shaman from one of my clients for over a year so when the offer presented itself, I said yes! I spent the week before the retreat meditating on what might be my intention for this journey. My life was actually going really well. I had a successful business, was happily married, loved where we lived, and everything was moving smoothly. Yet, a deep itch told me I was overlooking something. It occurred to me that even though my relationship was amazing, we weren’t having sex very often. I hadn’t really seen it as a problem, but as I began to really look at it, I realized I was cut off from my sensuality, like it had dried up. I realized I really had come to have no interest in sex at all, so my intention for my journey with the plant medicine was to find out why.

This intention was a tall order. I am not going to get into the epic purges of ancestral trauma that were released during those six days, but as I worked through all of it, I saw an image of an intricately carved golden gate guarding the entrance of my womb. I had two important realizations: first, whatever lies behind those gates is holy, and second, the gate is locked.

I walked away from that retreat knowing I had a mountain to climb and I was determined to climb it.

A couple of months later, my family and I were vacationing in Tulum for Christmas. While we were there, I felt a powerful call to visit the ruins of Coba and to climb the tallest temple. As I sat at the top of this spiritual site, I received the message that I am to participate in the awakening of the Divine Feminine on the planet, and that this would begin with my own healing of the feminine and masculine energies inside myself. This is how I would learn to unlock the gate.

When I first received this message, I really had no idea where to begin so I started following intuitive leads. I read countless books and attended dozens of lectures, but something was missing.

Somewhere along the way I stumbled upon, and ultimately signed up for, an epic year-long training to become a sex, love and relationship coach. I learned potent embodiment tools that changed my life. This was the deeper inner journey my soul had been longing for. Attempting to understand what the sacred feminine is with your thinking mind only scratches the surface of what can be revealed through embodiment. Because the sacred feminine is an intimate and deep self-knowing, it can only be experienced. This is how the gate is unlocked.

As women, we have been taught to look outside of ourselves for guidance and approval, when all the while the most incredible teacher we could ever know lives within.

At 51, I feel I have discovered the fountain of youth and vitality, and I want to invite more women to join me in their own self-discovery. That is what the “Radiant Woman” path is all about. The tangible result of this embodiment journey is that you get to step into your own radiance, lighting up rooms that inspire other women to do the same.

If you are interested in learning more about embodiment coaching, contact me for a Radiant Woman Discovery call. I am looking forward to chatting with you!


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