Wait For It

My family spent the holidays in Mexico and the morning before we left, if I woke up really early I would have just enough time to record and upload a winter solstice episode. I was just so delighted with myself! For once, I recorded the whole thing without a glitch. Then I realized that for some reason, it didn’t record! And that initial moment was rough, I’m not gonna lie. But there was absolutely nothing I could do. I had to surrender and accept. So I did and so that, my friend, is exactly why you have not heard from me in a few weeks. I went on holiday.

And now I am back to talk about something really important that gets overlooked a lot - the importance of waiting.

On our return flight home from Mexico I was looking for something really light and fun to watch on the plane and chose the film “Christopher Robin.” Absolutely delightful. (Spoiler Alert) So there is this moment where Christopher Robin is delivering Pooh back to the Hundred Acre Wood. And they are at the opening in the tree and Pooh turns and says, “Aren’t you coming to help me find my friends?” Christopher Robin responds, “No, Pooh, I have got to get back to London, I’ve got very important things to do.” Pooh turns to leave through the hole in the tree… but he is just standing there. Christopher Robin turns to see Pooh just standing with his back turned, holding the balloon, not moving, and Christopher Robin says “Pooh, what are you doing?” And Pooh replies, “Sometimes when I’m going somewhere, I wait…. And then somewhere comes to me.” Wow. Best line I have heard in a film in a very long time. “Sometimes when I’m going somewhere I wait…. And then somewhere comes to me.” So much deep wisdom here. And so simple, it’s easy to miss.

Most of us tend to be so busy doing that we completely miss the gifts that come from being, from pausing, from waiting to see what’s next. We are constantly making it all happen the way we think it needs to go. And as we have talked about before, being happens only in the present moment, which is where all of life is happening. We cannot hear our truths when we are busy making things happen, where we receive our own inner guidance. Being in the moment is where we get in touch with who we are and what are true desires are. And when I say true desires, I mean the desires that lead us on the path towards our best life, not our addictions or our impulse desires that come from trying to run away from our uncomfortable feelings. True desires are simple and lead us to a life of ease and fulfillment. We can only find out what those things are when we are being. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find “BEING” when you have been busy “DOING.” So sometimes you have to wait… to find yourself being. Do you hear what I’m saying? If not, you may need to pause, take a deep breath, get present, rewind, and listen again. Ahhhh. Now you get it.

Have you ever noticed the gap between the business adults are typically engaged in, and the playfulness that children fall into naturally? That is, if they haven’t been socialized out of it yet? It’s a big gap. This scene from the film reminds me of my interactions with my dad in the last years of his life. He had been retired for quite some time and had finally settled into being. He really reminded me of Winnie the Pooh in those last several years. All he seemed to want anymore was to spend quality time with his family. He was so present and seemed to be living somehow in a timelessness that sadly, I was often too busy for. Looking back, I remember him pulling on my heart strings a bit, “Ah hun, you leaving so soon?” (aren’t ya gonna help me find my friends). Occasionally I would surrender and get lost with him, but it always seemed to require me to pause… to just stop the doing and wait… until I settled and somehow found myself in the being. And then I could hang with him for hours, losing touch with time altogether. Nothing else seemed to matter. It was absolutely delightful to be in that timelessness state of being with my dad. Even though nothing in particular may have been happening, it was perfectly satisfying because I was completely present and surrendered to enjoying the moment.

The truth is, boredom is not possible when you are in a perfect state of being because boredom comes when you wish you were somewhere else doing something… boredom comes when you are not satisfied with what is happening in the moment. Boredom doesn’t come from being, it comes from resisting being.

Kids get frustrated at adults because we have been slaves to the doing for so long that we have forgotten how to be…. how to play. One thing I have learned as I have been letting go of doing and surrendering more and more into being… Life seems to flow more smoothly… less hang ups, less struggle, less drama and of course, more abundance.

“Sometimes when you wait, somewhere comes to you.”

Speaking of waiting, we had a long layover in the Dallas airport on our way home from Mexico, on New Year’s Eve no less. I don’t know if you have ever been to the Dallas airport, but it is huge. DFW is one of those airports where take a train to get from terminal to terminal. We landed in Terminal D and our flight was scheduled to take off three hours later out of Terminal A. So we were on an escalator making our way to the train out of Terminal D and it was NYE, and I had totally surrendered to letting go into being. I was looking around at all of the shops but m step-son, on the other hand, was irritated because he really wanted to be back in Austin running around with his friends. As I was working on not letting myself get caught up in his irritability, I looked up and saw a MAC counter. (MAC as in cosmetics). I had an inspired desire and so I said it out loud, “I am going to have a make-over at the MAC Counter”. My husband, Jim, was surprised. My step-son Jimmy rolled his eyes and went ahead to Terminal A to wait for our flight.

When I approached the two lovely ladies all made up to the nines at the counter, I asked, “Do y’all do make-overs?” One lady responded, “We don’t do full make-overs here. We can do a feature like just brows or eyes.” The other woman quickly added, “But today we are having a special. If you purchase two items you can have a whole make-over!” She looked over at her friend and said, “Girl, I got this one. You can go on your break.”

My make-up artist was a beautiful black glamour girl! She had long luscious lashes and gold glittery eye shadow. If you looked at us standing together, you might think we couldn’t be more opposite. Turns out, as we got to talking, we were both from small towns in Texas and both grew up with goats and chickens! We had so much fun together. She did an amazing job transforming me into a 1960’s glam model. I’ll post a pic in the facebook group!

And what happened next was absolutely amazing.

As she was putting on the finishing touches, I received a text our departure gate had changed from Terminal A to Terminal D. Her jaw literally dropped as she pointed to the gate - literally right across from the MAC counter. All I had to do was walk out of the MAC counter right into our gate. The gate had literally come to me….. I had given myself to the moment, followed my desire that presented itself, and everything else adjusted accordingly. Because the universe is all conspiring for you. And when you follow your bliss and listen to what would delight you the most, everything gets so much easier. I invite you to take a pause, especially when you feel like it’s ALL stacked up against you. Look at how you are struggling. Decide there must be another way. Then wait… Listen….. See what opens up for you. You know, I used to think life was supposed to be hard, that reward only comes from hard work. Now I am beginning to look at the whole thing differently. Now I see that there are some hard things we all have to go through in life, but if you let go and surrender into it instead of fighting it, you get carried. And your gate gets delivered to you.

Blessed Be